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By Erica Jong

The poet probes the sensual and spiritual world of today’s woman as well as the meaning of love and death. (According to Amazon.com’s book description, as Good Reads did not have one).

Published: 1973

Review 51

Read: April 2013                                                                                 Reviewed: November 2017

This was definitely closer to five stars than four though as in most anthologies I liked some pieces far more than others. Overall, I loved her voice in these poems. They made me want to read more of her works.  I added many of her books to my “want to read” list because of this poetry anthology alone as I hadn’t read anything by Erica Jong before this collection.

I don’t know how easy to find this book (I think it might be limited print edition) but if you come across it, you should definitely read it (especially if you’re a fan of poetry or feminist writing!).

My rating: 5 stars (overall)