The Nemesis Touch


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“One touch will doom your whole life!

A London lawyer coughs up his own still beating heart onto a bathroom floor. It’s a death far too strange for the police to handle, so two supernatural investigators – Ludo Carstairs and Michael Garris – are called in. But even they have never seen the like before.

It soon becomes horribly clear that there’s a serial killer loose in the city. One who’s gone on sprees elsewhere in the world, and always murders five people across five days. Nemesis is the name he goes by, and all he has to do is brush his fingers down a person’s skin to curse them to a brutal death.

There’s a man in London who Nemesis is hunting. An individual who’s known the killer a long time, and has drawn him to the city. When Ludo Carstairs reaches him though, he’s been horribly slain. However, does this dead man still possess the key to stopping this terrifying rampage?

The first victims are down, which means the clock is ticking fast. Ludo Carstairs is on the case, yet can even his mastery of the uncanny stop these slayings before they reach their bloody conclusion?

A brand new supernatural serial killer thriller! Tap the link, grab your copy, and discover the first standalone adventure in this incredible series!”

I got an ARC of this book.

When Jameson emails me, I don’t even need to read what the book is about. I already know there will be something in it I love. Jameson has become an instant engage author. I see a new book, I need it. Very few other authors are on that list.

This is not exactly like the other books Jameson has put out. This is much more a detective story. I hate detective stories. They are either incredibly too easy to guess who did it or they are so impossible that it relies on a trick ending to be able to reveal the person who did it. Very few detective stories can hold my interest because of that, and because it feels too much like being at work. I don’t need more work. Jameson was able to avoid both of those. He crafted a story that made sense, even when it wasn’t 100% clear what was about to happen. I didn’t feel like I was trapped reading police reports or dealing with copaganda by people who don’t actually know how the legal system worked.

Probably the easiest way Jameson got around my issues is by bringing in a whole unique team that focuses on supernatural forces that are sort of cops, but more like The X Files (yes, this comparison does get made in the book). So it was fun seeing things play out. The main investigators were not perfect by far, but they weren’t that doesn’t play by the rules alcoholic that is secretly lovable. Instead they were hardworking men who wanted to save the day. They tried hard. They didn’t know everything, because who knows everything supernatural. Some details were explained to them by the forces they were dealing with which was really amusing.

The supernatural forces were fascinating. One was one that so many people have done before, but Jameson was able to give it fresh eyes. The succubus was fascinating and maybe started to go into siren territory. I just adored the plots around her. She was my favorite character in the book, outside of that secretary with the moving garden gnomes. The moving garden gnomes was such a weird little side plot that happened throughout the book. A little bit of gentle supernatural in the middle of horrifying.

The ending was YES. A few times I started to get cagey. I wanted the book to end. There were multiple natural ending points. It started to feel like it was dragging, but then one line would make me excited that it kept going. Then the very last chapter made me freak out. It was the best ending of a Jameson book yet. It tied the story to multiple other stories in a way that was perfect for me. I am such a fan of the characters everything got tied to. The hints for the next book were so strong. If I picked up on them correctly, the next book will be even better.

Overall, wonderful read. It was able to capture someone who hates mysteries. It may not have been as gruesome as some of Jameson’s other works, but it was able to tell a much larger story and really flesh out the universe that he has created, while still being enjoyable. I am yet again, impressed.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can buy the book here.