Bizenghast, Book 8

By M. Alice Le Grow

A violent last stand is about to commence in the city of Bizenghast between Dinah and Mephohetka. Can Dinah hold her own against this powerfully twisted demon, or will she, like all the others, be sucked into the nightmare?

Dinah, a clinically insane protagonist living in an abandoned mill town with her sociopathic Aunt, teams up with the only other child in town to dispel the horrors they find down in the long-lost Sunken Mausoleum. Challenged by a terrible specter to free all the tormented souls of the lost graveyard, Dinah slowly recovers her sanity by working with her friend Vincent to untangle the riddles of the ghosts’ many deaths. (Book Description via Good Reads)

Published: 2012

Review 15 cover

Read and Reviewed: August 2016

I really liked Bizenghast as a teenager when it first came out. I read the first seven books roughly around the same time, which was a few years back. It seems like the eighth book in this series had a very limited print edition which is why it took me a while to get a copy of this book.

I’m glad I was finally able to finish the series though I’m not entirely satisfied with the ending. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that Dinah dies since the story takes place mainly in a Mausoleum. I was just a little disappointed that we don’t get to see what happens when all the tasks are completed. Instead, the cycle continues with new characters.

I still love LeGrow’s art style and I hope she comes out with more comics soon. I’d definitely like to read them!

Rating: 3 Stars for book 8, though I’d rate many of the earlier books much higher, most of them between 4 and 5 stars. I wanted to see Dinah’s story all the way through, this ending seemed rather rushed and disappointing in an otherwise brilliant series.