MI Book Reviews History

Started in 2013 by Isaiah and Maura as a place to review books and hopefully get some ARCs. Within the first year, Maura had left the site, but Isaiah stayed strong. Well, except for an almost two year hiatus where he was getting his life together by moving half way across the country for what he thought was true love (spoiler: he reads too many romance novels, but it still wasn’t true love). One day in 2017, he woke up and realized that he was more in love with books than ever before and he had to start posting reviews again or his friends would stop talking to him due to his ranting over the books he was reading.

He posted an apology and a mild explanation before jumping right back into reviews. He then begged, pleaded, and all but bribed Maddy to join the party. Maddy is one of Isaiah’s favorite poets, so he knew it was a long shot that she would join his small site. She told him no, repeatedly. He had given up all hope of getting another M, especially one as amazing as Maddy, to be a reviewer which would explain the “Mi” verses “My” that he thought was so clever back in 2013. Maddy texted him one afternoon and said that she had changed her mind about reviewing. They have been reviewing books together ever since.


Mission Statement

Mi Book Reviews is a website for bibliophiles to post reviews of written work fairly and honestly as possible, no matter how the work was obtained. The reviewers will disclose if they were provided a copy of the book or payment for the review as a form of transparency. The reviewers will provide links to purchase or find more information about the book no matter their personal feelings on the book.



To get your book or other written work reviewed contact MIBookReviews@gmail.com

We understand if you want specifically a reviewer to review a book or fanfiction.




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