Current Reviewers


Isaiah is an avid bibliophile that relies on libraries more than book stores. He is a librarian on Goodreads. Dogs rule his life, despite what he says. His two dogs will be the first to correct him if he ever claims he is in charge. He currently works in the legal world, despite his degrees in Psychology and WGS.



Maddy is a college student who is currently finishing her BA in English. Her passions are writing, reading, and drawing. She’s been published before but would like to publish more books in the future. She’s currently working on two new novels.


If you would like to review books for MI Book Reviews, just email We will set something up so you can post a review and get credit for it.

Current reviewers being tested for full reviewer status:


Past Reviewers


Maura is a book addict. Not a week goes by that she doesn’t complain about how much money she has spent on books. Maura also often complains that she has a book addiction so she gives away books to try and make herself feel better.


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