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“An adorable new yuri manga for fans of Kase-san and Yamada and Bloom Into You. One day, high school girl Himari sees a girl, Yori, sing in a band, and it awakens feelings she doesn’t understand… but Yori does!

Bubbly, energetic first-year high school student Himari falls head over heels for her senpai Yori after hearing her band perform on the first day of school. Himari tells Yori she just loves her, and, to Himari’s surprise, Yori says she loves Himari back! But when Himari realizes that she and her senpai are feeling two different kinds of love, she begins to ask herself what “love” really means…”

Whisper Me a Love Song (Whisper Me a Love Song, #1)

I got an ARC of this book.

This book is so cute. From the meet-cute to the last page, I was giggling and amused.

The characters were very much first vol manga flat. They were young, excitable cute girl and older, cool girl. They started to get fleshed out more as the volume went on, but like a lot of manga, the story is meant to be told over many volumes so the full character is not shown yet. It didn’t hinder my ability to want the two together and it didn’t hinder me loving the manga. I am hoping that the depth will grow.

A lot of the f/f manga that I have read that have an age gap tend to be dubious on consent and have a more forceful character. This is far from that. The characters are both really adorable and nervous. They both get excited. It read as a more equal dating situation and I enjoyed that a lot. It felt cute. There were no fan service shots or anything else that would oversexualize the teens. It allowed the romance to grow more slowly while they got to know each other.

This is the sort of love at first sight that I love. They had a reaction to each other, but they are taking the time to get to know each other before they settle down forever. They go on cute dates. They talk. It was wonderful to see just how cute they were and how they both worried about what the other meant when they said they loved each other at first sight (especially after one of them made a further move and I was like DAMNIT JUST SAY YES, there was a bit of “oops, what if we mean different things, can’t get too excited now”). It felt real and sweet.

Overall, this was a very sweet and wholesome love at first sight story. I liked it.

5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can buy the book here.