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“Twenty-five-year-old Polly Brady was supposed to fly off on a dating holiday to meet others, like her, who identify as asexual, but when the nature reserve she works at goes into lockdown after a terrorist attack, she finds herself stuck with Harry Weller, her childhood friend and the only man she’s ever loved. There are just two problems: Harry doesn’t know Polly’s in love with him, and he’s also very sex-orientated.

Still, Polly knows other couples who have had successful ace/allo relationships, and given she was looking forward to romance this summer, what’s the harm in seeing if there is a spark between her and Harry? Especially when the lockdown gives her the perfect opportunity to get close to him.

One way or another, Polly’s going to make sure Harry notices her–and she’s got just the plan to make this happen. Even if the plan keeps backfiring and making her look crazy.

In My Dreams is a heartwarming and tender lockdown romance featuring some questionable fancy dress choices, too many bow ties, and a girl who’s determined to do whatever it takes to get her man. This is also an #ownvoices story for asexuality representation. “

In My Dreams (Aces in Love Book 1)

The author hooked me up with a free copy for joining her mailing list!

I am in an ace support group and I am a total book nerd, so when an ace author was talking about her book and was offering up a free copy I volunteered and explained I write reviews. She had run out of books, but then she was giving away free copies in her mailing list so I got really excited again. I NEEDED an ace romance novel so badly.

This was almost a five star read for me. The only issues I had were around ace rep. The definition of asexual was given incorrectly multiple times by the main character. She equated not wanting sex with being ace, which is not what being ace is about. Being ace is about sexual attraction, not desire. The author then had other characters come in and say the right definition, but then the MC hunkered down and said it wrong AGAIN later in the book. I am so annoyed. This could have been five stars, I wanted it to be five stars because ace romance matters. Ace rep matters so much. As an ace that is not sex repulsed this just made me sad. So many ace resources and rep are about being sex repulsed and putting everything down to not wanting sex when that isn’t being ace. I was hoping for rep that allowed me to exist and that an ace author would get the definition of ace correct.

That being said, I loved that the MC was sex repulsed because of how the main love interest respected her. There are never an issue there and I just adored that. It was nice that aphobia was addressed, but it was more a past trauma instead of it being excused by the MC in a current situation. It gave some depth to the characters and made the romance that much sweeter. I didn’t like how the best friend was constantly trying to force the MC into a relationship with other aces, it felt like she just really didn’t get that aces can be happy with someone even if that someone is allo. It made me annoyed at the best friend quite often.

There were some chapters that were a bit preachy, but they were not long and they were more about giving hope to the MC that relationships could work, so I just read them and moved on. They didn’t hurt the story since they were few and far between. The romance was a bit rushed, which is an almost every romance novel complaint of mine. They hadn’t seen each other and years and were magically in love and had no issues? Felt a little too perfect. I needed a bit more adjustment period. I wanted the love to feel more real. Don’t get me wrong I read this in one sitting and I ate the sweetness up. It was complete fluff and I am here for it. I think I just wanted a bit more, it felt so short. I enjoyed it so much. I am just looking for ways to make it a bit longer so I could enjoy it longer.

Overall, if the definition of ace had not focused on desire to have sex (which is 100% not part of the definition of ace) then this would have been my favorite fluffy romance I have read this year.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can buy the book here.