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“What do you do when Santa turns up dead days before Christmas?

Peter Lee’s interest in his city’s haunted history started during his childhood. With the handle, GhastLee, he frequents the Hauntastic Haunts message boards. As a paranormal tour guide, ghosts are his profession and his passion.

The night JP Reynolds takes Peter’s tour, he gets a Christmas surprise he never expected—a visit from a ghost Santa Claus. JP knows just who to call. JP and Peter team up to investigate the ghost who looks like Santa Claus and sings carols in the streets. Along the way, they discover chemistry and forge a connection unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

With the holidays approaching, can they save Santa’s Christmas and make some holiday memories of their own?

A paranormal holiday MM romance between an Asian American ghost tour guide and a trans wood carver who sells local art in his shop.”

Peter's Haunted Holiday

I hate Christmas. Let’s just get that right out of the way. I do not like Christmas music. I don’t like Christmas movies. I can’t stand Christmas books. If I could erase any one holiday without any repercussions, it would be Christmas. No this is not an attack on Christians, this is just coming from a person who was abused and holidays made abuse worse. Christmas being the worst. So the fact that I read an entire book about a dead Santa says a lot. It says even more than I was able to enjoy the story.

Yet another gay trans guy and cis guy pairing from Silver. This one is drastically different than the one in the main story line. This one has a trans guy that maybe wants to give birth in the future (I am beyond excited by this) and a gay guy that is a bit more of a beginner when it comes to trans stuff. The similarities are what excite me though. The cis guys take the time to learn and they respect the trans guy. Boundaries and consent are established and they are followed.

The ghost story was a lot less intense than in the main story line, which worked well for this story. They didn’t have the same gear or the same experience of the main couple. Made the story more unique. It also allowed for more romance and less about ghosts while still being a lot about ghosts. It worked well.

Why this story wasn’t perfect (outside of my issues with Christmas) was the love was a bit too insta-love. They met and are immediately talking about kids and stuff? Too much for me. There was even a line or two about wanting to confess love. They just met. It had been just a few days. I don’t understand.

4.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can download this book on the author’s website.