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“When ghosts reach across the veil, Daniel Collins is there to tell their stories.

Dan is a vlogging ghost hunter. He has devoted his life to documenting paranormal activity. In his converted van, he travels around the country exploring haunted sites. He loves the thrill of filming restless spirits.

Chad Brewer, skeptic, works for an insurance company. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, but watching Dan’s vlog is his guilty pleasure. The cute vlogger is accident prone. He has Chad’s work extension on speed-dial. The two talk whenever Dan gets hurt during an investigation, a frequent occurrence.

When Chad loses his job for approving too many claims, Dan offers him a position as his personal assistant. The pair sets out to investigate a haunted dairy barn for the vlog’s next video series. The catch is that they must live and work together in Dan’s tiny traveling home.

As the paranormal activity at the haunted dairy ramps up, so does the romantic tension between the two men. Can the love between a skeptic and a social media sensation conquer a vengeful ghost?

Dan’s Hauntastic Haunts is a paranormal MM romance between a gay vlogger and his trans personal assistant. Buckle up for a hauntastic good time.”

Dan's Hauntastic Haunts Investigates: Goodman Dairy (Hauntastic Haunts, #1)

I got an ARC of this book.

I am FREAKING OUT over this book. I messaged iam all through the night even though time difference between US and Germany. They woke up to some interesting messages and drastically different feelings.

The biggest thing is one of the MC is trans. Even bigger is this trans MC is written by a trans author. I was never triggered by sexual assault, rape, or misgendering. I never had to worry that the trans guy was going to only have plots about being trans. I never had to worry that I would read terrible things and be told that it was good rep. Instead I got a fully fleshed out trans guy that had wants and need AND PLOTS that were not about being trans. There was romance. There was a tragic back story. There was a weird intensity about paperwork. I love this.

Since there was romance, lets talk about sex. Both men are verse which was actually discussed before sex. Also talked about before sex was boundaries which I am always about. Give me that consent talk and I am putty in your hands. I was really excited that Chad was the top in all the scenes in this book. I loved that Dan never had issues with Chad being trans. It was just so heartwarming to see a trans person get basic respect about their bodies. It shouldn’t be that hard and Silver shows it really isn’t.

So I am all about ghost hunting shows and ghost horror movies. I love ghosts. The plot was really heavy on the ghost hunting and the ghost stuff. So that might put some people off since it isn’t a very strict romance. Instead the romance is kind of a back burner plot. I loved all the plots. I just really appreciated a focus on other things. The romance could have overwhelmed the ghosts which would not have fit Dan’s character. Everything just worked really well. All the ghost equipment from what I know was accurate to what I have seen in ghost shows. So it felt realistic as much as a ghost show can.

This book is just an amazing example of what happens when a trans person write a trans character. Give me more ghosts. Give me more tentacle dildos. I am here for this series. I already downloaded the two bonus short stories and have the next book in the series. Reviews on those to come in the next day or so!

5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can buy the book here.