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“What if your imaginary boyfriend wasn’t so imaginary?

Drew was no stranger to feeling ostracized from his peers. His obsession with the paranormal began young. When he befriended Toby, the dead boy who lives in his garage.

Drew was the weird unathletic kid everyone avoided on the playground. As a teen, he found understanding in an online community created by a paranormal investigations vlogger.

Falling in love with Toby only made Drew’s interest in ghosts more intense. But when he discovered Toby’s striking resemblance to an unresolved missing person report, he didn’t know how to help his ghost boyfriend.

At a loss, Drew turned to his online idol for help. The truth could set Drew and Toby both free, or destroy everything between them.
This is a young adult paranormal MM short story. Available through my newsletter.”

Drew's Haunted Hangout (Hauntastic Haunts, #0.5)

This is a short little prequel that doesn’t appear to be necessary to understand the main story line (I am only a few pages into the first book). So this felt more like starting with candy, which I don’t mind at all. It really hyped me up for the main story.

The only way to get this is to sign up for Silver’s mailing list. I am quiet guilty of signing up for mailing lists for free books and then immediately unsubscribing. I am that awful person. There are a few mailing lists I am still on. The few are authors that immediately made me fans, like Silver did.

This story is both cute and horrifying, which if you know me you know is exactly the sort of thing I love. There is a ghost love situation, but who can trust ghosts? I have only read stories that have the cute aspect of this covered. But Silver goes a step further. That step further is what sucked me into this world in a big way. Gay ghosts are ok and all, but cute and scary gay ghosts? SIGN ME UP.

This was enough of a taste of the world to understand some basic lore of the world and to get me really curious as to who the ghost hunter was. Wonderful prequel. I am glad it wasn’t a requirement to understand the story and is more of a treat for fans.

5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

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