I am back again with some tips on how to finish this years reading challenge. I will be gathering books for #11. A graphic novel for this post. I am a huge fan of graphic novels and they seem to be written off by a lot of readers. So I included this in the challenge to show just how wonderful they can be and because most of us need more art in our lives. It is a win-win.

I didn’t specify if the graphic novel had to be queer, which is really a shame. So if you are going to hold me letter for letter, then you can read whatever graphic novel you want. If you wanted to stick with the spirit for the challenge, then you would read a graphic novel by a queer person or one that has at least a queer theme. If you are just reading any graphic novel, then you won’t need my help. There are so many graphic novels out there that if you can’t find one I will be surprised.

For the people who are going to want to read a queer graphic novel I have dug up some titles that look interesting!

The Backstagers – YA graphic novel with M/M romance on page and a trans boy

Lumberjanes  – YA graphic novel that features F/F romances and multiple trans girls (plus punk rock mermaids and so much more, depending on how far you read into the series)

Moonstruck, Vol 1 – a NA graphic novel that features F/F romance and a gender queer lead (plus an appearance by the Babadook, which is my favorite queer icon)

Nimona – the queer content is a bit of a spoiler, but know this book totally counts. YA

Gender Queer: A Memoir – I feel like a description might just be redundant. Non-fiction

Queer: A Graphic History – Adult non-fiction about queer theory

The Tea Dragon Festival – CHILDREN’S WITH LITTLE DRAGONS. Well, dragons don’t help for this challenge, but the older gay couple totally do. The Tea Dragon Society would also count and is in the same world.

Mooncakes – YA with on page gender queer and queer romance.

Kiss Number 8 – unlabeled MC that is into men and women, plus a few trans characters

Grease Bats – tons of queer, but I could deal without being called out like this

My Favorite Thing is Monsters – adult, has two queer characters, but based on the title and cover, this book is much more than expected

Skin & Earth HC – YA post-apocalyptic world and each chapter matches up to a CD for a fuller experience

My Brother’s Husband, Vol 1-2 – cute adult Manga about coming to terms with a gay brother, but it is created by a pretty famous bara creator. It shows in the random fan service.

Bingo Love – cute YA featuring F/F romance

Spinning – coming out story

Taproot – super cute story, might involve ghosts and M/M love

Anything by MariNaomi

Pumpkinheads – I read it as ace, but that is not confirmed. It has a main character that is openly into men and women.

Paper Girls – F/F romance. It is not in the first volume, but I totally gasped when it happened so it still counts.

Rat Queens – F/F romance and a trans woman orc. Yes, you read that right.

Bitch Planet – queer women of all sorts

Black Hammer – really heartbreaking gay plot. This comic has so many feels.

Giant Days – NA comedy featuring F/F romance

Life is Strange – F/F romance, but based on a video game series. It might not make too much sense if you have not played the game.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – Goofy spin off of a video game, features gay men (and possibly a trans man, but it is not confirmed. There is one dialogue choice in the game that leads one of the dads to mentioning his binder.)

List of queer leading ladies comics

LGBT comic book list

M/M Webcomics

Lesbian graphic novels

LGBT webcomics

Drama – has gay tweens and was a challenged book!

Hothead Paison – has F/F romance, but has some issues with trans people and bi people

Anything by Alison Bechdel

I could go on all day about graphic novels. Between the books I linked, the authors, and the list there are a few hundred options that are easily found. If you have access to Hoopla, then you will have a incredibly easy time getting a great deal of these. Book stores carry them and so do libraries. If your library is one that would make me sad, then try a webcomic. Webcomics tend to be free and some really great comics and graphic novels started as webcomics like Nimona.

You got this.