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What terrible secrets are the town’s women hiding?

Beddnic, on the South Wales coast, has shut itself off from the outside world. Days after a number of its men were reported missing, the road in was closed and all communications ceased. No strangers are welcome there anymore.

Now, two agents – Ludo and Garris – are venturing across the water, anxious to know what’s going on and desperate to help. And no amount of threats or horrors will make them turn back. The awful curse which has befallen this town is about to be revealed, and the dead shall walk…

But in this cruel place by the sea, will these two men really be able to help?

Call of the Mandrake

I got an ARC of this book.

When the author offered me a copy of this book, I wasn’t so sure. Detectives really aren’t my thing. I just don’t see why anyone likes detective stories. They are incredible predictable and just not all that exciting. If Jameson hadn’t pushed just so slightly, I would have missed out.

So first off, this book really isn’t a detective novel. Instead it is very much a classic horror like The X Files, which is even referenced in the book at one point. The only reason that these men go to this town is because their duty is to investigate and help. They handle just the paranormal stuff. The focus is on what is happening and not on the detective-ing. So I was really able to sink my teeth into it.

The writing was wonderful. From the very first page, the narrator had a personality and one that I could expect and rely on. He was not the hero, but he knew what he and who he was. It was fascinating to know someone as well as I felt I knew the narrator that quickly.

The plot. THE PLOT. I was just drawn in. I was spooked. I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t expect anything like this book. The cover makes so much more sense now and it just adds another layer of horror to it. I am just overwhelmed with the plot. To the very last second of action, there was no downtime, no lag. I was really invested in what happened. If this were a video game, I would be in heaven. It was amazing horror. This is the sort of horror I have been searching for.

My single complaint about this book is that I kept wanted the book to be set earlier in history than it was. It was set in modern day, but I wanted it to be like right after WW2. The language and the setting just screamed earlier to me. This didn’t take anything away from the plot at all, but it would have been another layer of interesting. How would they have solved everything without technology as advanced?

5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can buy the book here.