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By Karen Mahoney

After being tricked into opening the doorway to the Demon Realm by Aliette, the Wood Queen, Donna Underwood is faced with a terrible ultimatum from the newly released demon hordes. They demand that the alchemists deliver the Philosopher’s Stone, or their reaper storm will plunge the world into a devastating modern-day Dark Age.

Donna is sent to London, England, where she must complete her alchemist’s training and learn how to recreate the Stone. But time is running out. Between facing the vengeful demon king, Demian, and collecting the Stone’s elements, Donna realizes she must give her own life in order to succeed. And this time, even braving death may not be enough to save the world. (Goodreads Description)

Published in: 2013

Review 10 cover

Read and Reviewed: July 2013

This whole series was great overall. I really like the author’s style. She left me wanting more though I can see why she left it off where she did. The ending was fairly closed but open enough for her to continue the story if she wanted to.

The story was actually very fast at times, a little too fast at points, for me but that was my only complaint. I thought this volume should have or easily could have been longer but that didn’t take away too much from the story.

I suggest this series to anyone who likes Young Adult Fantasy because it was very well written. I will be looking forward to see more by this author in the future. 🙂

My Rating: 4.5 stars (though this is for the series overall)

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