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Morrigan Moore has always been moody, but her new home is the worst. Her novelist mother has dragged her to the countryside, drawn by the lost myth of the King of Crows, a dark figure of theft and deceit, and the Scarecrow Prince, the only one who can stand against him. When Morrigan finds herself swept up in the legend, she’ll have no choice but to take on the Scarecrow Prince’s mantel, and to stand and fight. For her town, her family, and her own future. This lushly drawn graphic novel will pull you into its sinister secrets and not let go till the final page. For fans of Coraline and Over the Garden Wall.


I got an ARC in return for an honest review on NetGalley.

I saw the art style of the comic and it fit the mood I was feeling so I snatched it up. I read it very quickly as the story progresses really fast, at times it was too fast. I felt like there was so much I was missing out on when it came to the lore of the Scarecrow Prince and the King of Crows. I would love to see more in this world because I need some questions answered like what was really in the Widow’s house? Why Morrigan? I have a lot, but I don’t want to spoil too much of the book.

The book had the feel of a YA version of Sandman once the King of Crows was introduced. The way the King of Crows was drawn, his personality, and his speech patterns feels like something Neil Gaiman would  have come up with. I have to respect that. I want to know more and that is something Gaiman did so well with the Sandman series. I can only hope for that with this book too.

If more questions were answered, then this would have easily been a five star book. Though with so many questions the author has me hooked. If I find out this book is the first in a series, I will change it to five stars. There are just too many loose ends for the book to be a standalone five star.

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4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can buy the book here.