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The ex best thing . . .

Fletcher Andrews never believed in promises. Or monogamy. Or love. When you’re tall and gorgeous, New York City is one big all-you-can-eat buffet of hot young actors, models, and baristas. Even when living happily with Roger, his sweet, sexy violinist boyfriend, Fletch can’t resist an occasional taste. Too bad you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s thrown you out for cheating with half the cast of Disney on Ice.

Two years and a chance meeting later, Fletch desperately wants Roger back. Roger’s new boyfriend, Jeff, will do anything to stop that from happening. But Fletch has a plan to make amends. And with a little help from friends, colleagues—even Roger’s Scottish terrier, Haggis—they might find that the love you don’t believe in can sweep you right off your feet . . . ”


I got an ARC in return for an honest review on NetGalley.

What could be better than a hurt/comfort story that has a dog as a main character? Exactly. I had to read this book. I was pretty impressed with the characters of this book. Fletch is a total loser. All he has going for him is his body. He has no prospects, only wants sex, and has no real drive. Pretty typical gay man character (and grindr user). His love interest, Roger, is more the type of guy I would go for and much more rare. He is intelligent, nerdy, and insecure. Exactly the type of guy that doesn’t expect a relationship, because he doesn’t see himself as good enough for one. They are fleshed out and feel real. They feel like guys I would meet in the real gay male world. My issue is that Fletch’s character doesn’t feel realistic by the end. Guys like Fletch don’t just give up their wild ways. There is too much benefit to staying wild, why would they change?

Roger is by far the more interesting character. He isn’t all about sleeping around, he has real hobbies, he has real drive. That is something that I wish I saw more of. I didn’t like that he was such a pushover, because I wanted to protect him so badly. I was getting mad at Fletch by the end because he was just bombarding Roger in a way that I found borderline creepy. Though that is my main issue with most romance novels. The love is always portrayed in a way that can be really creepy.

Despite my issues with Fletch (and the gay male community in general) and romance novels in general (Fletch respected no, so a lot less issues than normal), I loved this book. I look forward to the sequel, though the choice of lead character in that one makes me hesitant. There better be another cute dog!


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can buy this book here.