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“Stella Waters has dedicated the last seven years to making a name for herself as a Mistress and the co-owner of Sublime, one of Seattle’s most respectable pleasure clubs. Training a submissive is her passion, but she maintains a professional distance. Sex with a client isn’t an option. Then the perfect sub walks into her club, and for the first time, there are no lines she won’t cross to train him.

Mason Whitman is a workaholic, a man who thrives on controlling all aspects of his life and has no time or tolerance for relationships. Love is a four-letter word that leads to nothing but sorrow and heartache. Then a client takes him to a sex club, and he’s instantly drawn to Mistress Stella. He has to have her, no matter what, even if it means topping from the bottom.”


I got an ARC in return for an honest review on NetGalley.

I will admit that this is the first book I read with female domination directed towards a male character. I tend to read M/M BDSM books or male dominance. I liked the change. I much prefer the female dominant head space and the different ways that things could go. It is so much less focused on penetration.

I loved Stella. She was a complex character and had a life, she had dreams, she had standards. I however didn’t like that she threw them all away for a man she had known for a month. She was clearly not thinking clearly. She became a damsel in distress and risked her own safety multiple times. The Dommes I know would not have put themselves out their in such a dumb way. It made me lose respected for Stella.

The main guy was pretty much your typical straight white douche. He wanted Stella so he did things to get her. He had nothing going for him that made him unique or interesting. He had a body and he was rich, surprise. He was also not willing to respect Stella’s boundaries, another surprise. Can you catch the sarcasm? The ending was predictable and boring. There was no mystery who was doing things. Then the last real interactions with Stella and whatever the guy was called (he was that replaceable that I can’t remember his name minutes after finishing the book) was just bad.

The book had amazing sex scenes, but they were peppered with spelling and grammar mistakes that were glaring. I did appreciate that condoms were used two out of the three times. There was explicit talk of condoms. That right there got the book and author huge bonus points.

If you are looking for a book with amazing sex scenes with consent and condoms, then yes this book is for you. If you want any sort of plot to go with the scenes, this book isn’t right.


3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book, but  very selectively.

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