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“From the New York Times bestselling creator of the hugely popular Awkward Yeti comics comes the third collection in his Heart and Brain series.

Heart and Brain: Body Language continues the adventures of the loveably conflicted sentimental Heart and rational Brain, as well as other bodily inhabitants like Gallbladder, Muscle, and Tongue.

Warm-hearted and laugh-out-loud funny, these comics bring our inner struggles to vibrant, humorous life.”


I got an ARC in return for an honest review on NetGalley.

I love coming across these comics on meme pages. I look forward to them. I follow the artist on social media sites. It is always a treat. I was stoked when I saw there was a book. Clearly I am behind the times as this is the third book out.

The basic premise is the organs of the body have personalities and they interact in pretty stereotypical ways. I just love the partnership between Brain and Heart. It might be weird to say, but I totally ship them. It took reading this book to understand that.

This book introduced me to a new character: Spleen. I hadn’t seen Spleen before and I have to say, I need to see more of them. They are dark and mysterious. I love it. I want to know so much more.

The book is hilarious in a nerdy way. The jokes are like those of the longer running comic strips like Calvin and Hobbes. The jokes are much deeper and I can appreciate that to no end. I am not a fan of low brow humor, it generally annoys me. You have to give this book a shot if you are a nerd or if you are tired of fart jokes. Trust me.


5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can buy this book here.