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“Super-cute and popular high school girl Akko Oohashi has transformed her new friend Mariko in more ways than one. Not only has she inducted Mariko into a circle of new friends and helped her overcome her shyness and sense of isolation, but both girls have awakened feelings they never knew they had.

In the course of their evolving relationship, Akko and Mariko have struggled against every emotional hurdle one would expect from a burgeoning romance between high school girls. One big question remains: are they ready to face the world as a couple?”

This is the second of two omnibuses for the series Girl Friends. It has the last two and a half of five volumes of this really cute story.

At this point the girls have both figured out they have feelings for each other. Then Mariko swears she doesn’t. She says she is going to be a good friend and get over Akko so she gets a boyfriend. Akko tries to deal with her feelings and realizes that she is actually in love with Mariko too. She hopes it isn’t too late.

The hi-jinks in this volume contain the class trip (where Akko tries to feel Mariko up), truth about virginity, and friends finding out about the relationship. There was so much to gush over in this collection. There were so many cute things like Akko trying to find the heart shaped stone so she could show Mariko.

This volume did have sex in it, it wasn’t super graphic, but it was more than I was used to and more than I was expecting. It was still sweet and awkward. It fit the storyline really well. There was even a question raised by one of the girls asking when it was official that two girls had had sex (which I have seen raised in lesbian relationships before). It was very fitting and didn’t seem gratuitous like it does in most yaoi.


5 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend this manga.

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