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“When the cherry blossoms bloom it means the start of another school year—and for the girls at Sakuraki High, it signals the birth of new dreams, fears, and relationships. In “Even If We’re Not Friends,” Nana and Hitomi have been dear friends since childhood, but when Nana gets into the exclusive Sakuraki High while Hitomi doesn’t, their true feelings for each other emerge. In “The Summer Closest to Heaven,” Natsuka is a ghost who resides at the school, still in love with one of the former students who is now the school nurse. In “A Kiss, Love, and a Prince,” Narumi gets her first kiss from Tachiba in the school play, and is shocked at being kissed by a girl.

Fourteen stories of blossoming romance between girls are interspersed throughout this heartfelt and adorably illustrated manga collection.”

I am really hesitant to read collections of stories since I started to get the June yaoi books in high school. I would either really love the stories and want more or just be really bored. I didn’t notice that this was an anthology otherwise I probably would not have grabbed it. I am thankful I didn’t finish reading the description!

This collection is super sweet and cute and angsty and perfect. I love cutesy yuri. Strawberry Panic really sealed the deal for me when it came to my love and this is in the same family as that. It was just really cute. There were some stories that were a bit out of place, like the ghost story. The ghost story was about a girl who had died (such good descriptions here) who was in love with someone who wanted to be a school nurse. The ghost now haunts the school nurse because she had made it! The girl accidentally takes over a girls body and uses that to talk to the nurse for the first time since they were teenagers. It was still cute, but it didn’t fit with the other stories as well.

I did like that it focused around a few couples. So it was more like little slice of life adventures for them. That is what really made me like this manga. There was some continuity and some development of the characters and the relationships that can’t happen in one-shots.


4 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend this manga.

You can buy this manga here.