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“Will Freeman may have discovered the key to dating success: If the simple fact that they were single mothers meant that gorgeous women – women who would not ordinarily look twice a Will – might not only be willing, but enthusiastic about dating him, then he was really onto something. Single mothers – bright, attractive, available women – thousands of them, were all over London. He just had to find them.

SPAT: Single Parents – Alone Together. It was a brilliant plan. And Will wasn’t going to let the fact that he didn’t have a child himself hold him back. A fictional two-year-old named Ned wouldn’t be the first thing he’d invented. And it seems to go quite well at first, until he meets an actual twelve-year-old named Marcus, who is more than Will bargained for…”

This book was just a random one that my roommate picked up. I stole it off his bookshelf and was pleasantly surprised. I thought this book was going to read a lot like The Average American Male, but instead it was like a weird rom-com.

The plot is pretty rom-com. Will joins a single parent’s support group. He then lies about having a kid to get single moms to love him. He then accidentally met a woman and her son through the woman he was mainly lying to. He then creates a unlikely mentor relationship with the son, Marcus. Marcus is that kid that clearly is a loser. His mom won’t let him really do what the other kids are doing and he sings randomly. Will shows Marcus how to be cool while Marcus shows will how to be responsible.

It is really cute and awkward. I loved it! There were whole sections about what it means to be a good adult and how it is possible to survive and do well without really knowing what you are doing. Not knowing what you are doing looks differently for everyone. It also can look like knowing exactly what you are doing to others.

It was a feel good sort of story with a bit of dark story thrown in. Marcus’s mother attempts suicide, then Marcus is left to deal with censoring the world so his mom won’t think about suicide anymore. It is such a touching and real story that really felt right.


5 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend this book.

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