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“You might think it’s a fairly obvious statement, but most vampires actually enjoy what they are. They revel in it.

Nathan Bane is a vampire who doesn’t want to be a vampire.

“You know, I just figured if it was my fate to become a monster, at least I could control what kind of monster I would become.”

Once referred to as “The Renegade” and “a law unto himself” Nathaniel is called out of retirement to help find a vampire who is killing and dis-member-ing gay and bisexual males in the Seattle area of Puget Sound.

Capitol Hill is virtually shutting down in the evenings and unless you’re a lesbian or have a death wish, you stay indoors after dark.

All Hallow’s Eve is fast approaching and the invisibility that the nocturnal society of Seattle hides behind is being threatened…one castration at a time.

Can Bloodbane, the monster locked within Nathan, keep hold of itself, when the emotional needs and life-threatening worries of both the humans and nocturnals in his life wears at the very sensitive edges of his own psychological cage?”

So this was a book I got for free because the author and I used the same social media app. He had put it out for people to read that he had a book that was for sale. I offered to review it and he sent me a copy.

I was intrigued. The last thriller I had read with a bisexual character was pretty darn fantastic and I also got it for free, Bloodletting inspired me to reach out to get this book. So the premise of this book was unknown to me outside of what the author had said so I was in for surprises along the way. Let’s start at the description.

Nathan Bane is a vampire that doesn’t want to be a vampire. Most vampires like being vampires. All of that checks out at first glance, but if you actually read vampire books, it is really common for vampires to be self loathing. This is not new or exciting anymore. Dismembering spelled out as dis-member-ing was a very groan worthy pun. Pretty much the description was terrible. I would not pay for a book described like this one. Thankfully I didn’t read the description.

The book itself sets up well to be a series. It is fast paced and introduces enough characters and plot to allow for other books to follow without having to set a groundwork again. The book itself reads like a more readable version of The Impaler. You would be better off staying away from the other and sticking to Nathan’s story. This one is less homophobic and just better paced.

My main two issues with the book were: it was the first in a series that really set up a series beautifully, but made it so it wasn’t as good as a standalone book would have been and the killer was caught so close to the end it felt rushed. The ending was pretty weak. I was set up for something big considering how everything else had built up. I was ready for something, anything. Yet the very way that they caught the killer was pretty much by accident. It felt like a let down.

I am invested in the characters and I want to read more about Nathan. I want his backstory. I want the backstory of the Prince. I want more about the butterfly girl. I want more. This book while it was not perfect set up a series that I very well might become a fan of. If the other books are as smooth I will be there. This thriller didn’t drag it out or play whodunit forever which is usually why I hate thrillers and mysteries so it was able to bypass my loathing of the genre.

The world building was pretty fantastic. I want to see how that plays out. It was more on par with Sookie Stackhouse than most vampire series which in itself would make this book impressive. There is intrigue for me solely based on the Prince and how the drama of her vampire family could play out. I want to know where that plot goes. I just hope the author is ready to tell the story since it feels like it is a big one, it can’t be rushed at the end.

UntitledUntitledUntitledRating .5

3.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

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