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“Yuzu and Mei may be step-sisters, but that’s about all the two girls have in common. Yuzu is an outgoing girly-girl who cares more about fashion than school work, while Mei is the serious student council president. Yet despite their differences, or perhaps because of them, the two girls find themselves drawn to each other…

Mei has been running herself ragged trying to oversee the school, and Yuzu is worried about her. When Mei’s dad comes home from a business trip, however, it looks like the cavalry has arrived. Unfortunately, his presence opens up old wounds between father and daughter, and Yuzu finds herself caught in the middle. Will Yuzu put aside her feelings for Mei to help fix this family feud?”

This volume was incredible! Mei has been running herself ragged trying to keep the school running. There is a twist though, Mei’s dad comes home and you learn all about Mei’s backstory. The series has mostly focused on the current events instead of the past. This was a good glimpse of why Mei is the way Mei is.

Yuzu gets stuck in the middle of some family drama. She tries to get Mei to forgive her dad and say goodbye before he runs off to help the kids of the world.

The attention that Mei and Yuzu are paying each other is making Mei’s best friend and the student council VP jealous. So Yuzu has to start battling the best friend to get any attention at all from Mei. Not that Mei really gives Yuzu attention that she wants. Instead Mei is very in your face and overly sexual. Usually a person as sexual as Mei has experienced sexual assault as a child. That would be a weird twist, though I hope that she never had to face that considering the rest of her back story.

You have to read this.


5 out of 5 stars. I would HIGHLY recommend this manga.

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