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“Larry Townsend has been writing kinky stories for decades, and “The Hounds Of Hell” is one of his many collections. The key factor in this book is that Townsend has created settings for each story to different historical locales and then allowed his kinky imagination to roam the period. Populating “The Hounds Of Hell” are Egyptian Princes.”

So I found this one at a therapist office in their free book pile. I only stopped in because I knew they were giving away books. I thought this one would be fun. I wasn’t wrong or right.

This is the weird area of gay sex. This is the hardcore death and piss area that has always fascinated me, but never seemed real. This book goes hardcore into what is supposedly S&M, but is actually just abuse, rape, and torture. When I talked to some friends about it, they mentioned that in the 70’s there was a work around to the anti homosexuality laws, which was make them morality issues. So the fact that everyone was dying and was being raped made it ok, because at least they weren’t willingly gay.

So beyond the death and torture, there is this horrible fascination with peeing on and in people. I don’t understand how this became a thing, I know it is still a thing especially in the gay leather community. I just don’t know why. If someone can explain this to me, I would love to listen. I want to understand.

Add in the author’s admitted fascination with uncircumcised penises and you have the sex scenes. They are rough, filled with blood, pain, and horrible things. One of them is literally raped with a hot poker to burn the insides of his bowels and is left for dead, after he is raped with a sword. I am not sure how these are considered hot, but there is something for everyone. There are full on torture scenes, there are pirates, genies, and more.

This is not a book for me, but it is a book. It is well written, though I do not care for the erotica.


3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book for its writing.

You can buy this book here.