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I can’t seem to find this one online. It was a zine that my roommate found somewhere in Berkeley in his travels. I am not even sure who it is by, though I would want to meet them so I could really see the mind behind this one. This is like the lower class version of Hothead Paisan. I am in love with Marna, the main character in this one. She is an aging anarchist.

Like Hothead, she is loud and proud. Unlike Hothead, she is able to survive without maiming people. She is not violent, instead it is more of the ideas that matter. I really like this. I wish I could find more of it and find out a way to support the production of more.

I have no idea if it is fiction or non-fiction which just adds to the appeal. What is this zine and how do I get more. If I hear of more details, I will update.


4 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend this zine.