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“Denver and Milo are two dogs trying to make it in Cat City, a metropolis populated almost exclusively by cats. They frequent a diner run by their friend Lil, a raccoon raised as a cat. Together, they eat breakfast while ignoring their problems. That is, until Denver spots a strange animal near his apartment.”

I was going through my roommates zines. He recommended I start with this one. I was appalled, I hate cats. I do not hate this zine.

This zine is super depressing. I don’t even know how Lehman was able to make it this depressing. I feel depressed by proxy. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

The most depressing part was the poor diner girl, Lil. Lil’s backstory breaks my heart. This isOrange is the New Black level backstory for her. At first I didn’t quite catch what was happening, but it dawned on me and I was sucker punched. She then chased raccoons away from her trash. There is just so much feels.

The dog part of the zine was interesting, but less so. If it weren’t for Lil I wouldn’t like this zine. The dogs set the tone for super depressing, but Lil took it home. The more depressing it is the more I will like it is generally the motto.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this zine.

You can buy it here.