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Title: Internet

Author: Count Morningstar

Universe: Strawberry Panic

Pairing: Amane/Hikori

Summary: “During a quiet afternoon on the web, Hikari clicks on something she shouldn’t have. And when Amane walks in and sees just what that something is, things take an interesting turn. Just another SP one-shot. Rated M for a very good reason.”


This was a one-shot that should not be entered with high expectations. It isn’t amazing and it isn’t horrible. It is mostly well written, basic typos exist throughout the piece. Two were big enough to take me out of the story.

The plot is Yaya is again getting Hikori to do weird things. She sends an email to Hikori who clicks on the link to see porn of two people who look like Hikori and Amane. Amane catches her and reacts. Nothing over the top, great PWP plot.

Some issues I have with this piece are the sex is boring, Amane goes without a bra to ride a horse (ouch), and then the foot during sex. The sex described in the porn is very standard lesbian porn, which wasn’t surprising and I was going to praise the author about keeping that realistic. Then the sex scene between the two girls was just as boring, so it wasn’t a stylistic choice, but the skill level of the author (which is still by far better than mine). Then Hikori’s foot coming up to rub against Amane? Just weird. It would be more fitting if this were gay PWP due to the prevalence of foot fetish work in gay porn.

Amane is small chested, but most people with breasts would want to have them secure during a very active activity such as horseback riding. Without a bra they would have been bouncing more and could have been majorly painful. Considering how often she rides, she would know better.

Overall, this was not a bad fic, but it wasn’t one I would send around.


2 out of 5. I would not recommend this FF.