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“From the #1 bestselling author of Running with Scissors and Dry–a contagiously funny, heartwarming, shocking, twisted, and absolutely magical collection. True stories that give voice to the thoughts we all have but dare not mention. It begins with a Tang Instant Breakfast Drink television commercial when Augusten was seven. Then there is the contest of wills with the deranged cleaning lady. The execution of a rodent carried out with military precision and utter horror. Telemarketing revenge. Dating an undertaker and much more. A collection of true stories that are universal in their appeal yet unabashedly intimate and very funny.”

This is probably the most random memoir that Burroughs has produced to date. I love it. There is a little of something for everyone. It very much had his unique comedy that was dark and perfect.

The stories rang from trying to get into a TV commercial for Tang to killing a rat in a tub. His reaction to the rat in his shower was just amazing. I would have no idea what to do either, but I would not have done so many poisons. I just couldn’t help laughing really hard. Burroughs was touchingly human and had “ordinary” problems in this book. It was wonderful.

There was just so much in this book that was funny. It was not hard to piece it back to the title. I loved how to the book started with the definition of magical thinking that relates to mental illness. That just prepped me perfectly to read the book and see many of Burroughs quirks as quirks instead of a function of a dysfunctional childhood.

This book can act as a stand alone in the memoirs that Burroughs has written. This might be a better way to start the more squeamish people to the world of Burroughs. This book NEEDS to be read by more people.


5 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend this book.

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