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“From nicotine gum addiction to lesbian personal ads to incontinent dogs,Possible Side Effects mines Burroughs’s life in a series of uproariously funny essays. These are stories that are uniquely Augusten, with all the over-the-top hilarity of Running with Scissors, the erudition of Dry, and the breadth of Magical Thinking. A collection that is universal in its appeal and unabashedly intimate, Possible Side Effects continues to explore that which is most personal, mirthful, disturbing, and cherished, with unmatched audacity. A cautionary tale in essay form. Be forewarned–hilarious, troubling, and shocking results might occur.”

The more I read of Burroughs, the more conflicted I become. He is amazingly funny in his writing, but he can be this awful person. Yet, he acknowledges how awful he is so it lessens the blow of some of the awful things he does and says. I like the expression “he can walk through a field a shit and smell like flowers” is appropriate for Burroughs.

I am not even sure what to say, but that they was never a dull moment. Even events that I would hate in real life (like vacations to stay in a place with creepy dolls) are magically transformed into hysterical adventures. While this book isn’t as captivating as Running with Scissorsit is a book that has to be read. You have to find out what happens to Burroughs as he is growing up. You have to see more. It is like a mixture of a train wreck, a rom-com, and Evelyn Evelyn.

Read this book. It is hard to describe, but it is pretty damn important that you read it.

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4.5 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend that you read this immediately.

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