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“You’ve eaten too much candy at Christmas…but have you ever eaten the face off a six-footstuffed Santa? You’ve seen gingerbread houses…but have you ever made your own gingerbread tenement? You’ve woken up with a hangover…but have you ever woken up next to Kris Kringle himself? Augusten Burroughs has, and in this caustically funny, nostalgic, poignant, and moving collection he recounts Christmases past and present—as only he could. With gimleteyed wit and illuminated prose, Augusten shows how the holidays bring out the worst in us and sometimes, just sometimes, the very, very best.”

So I am absolutely in love with Running With Scissors, but not so much this book. In the first book I was so fascinated, in this one it was more about who the author was as a person, and I was not impressed.

I am very much tired of the white, cismale homosexual. The author is just that. He is simply a person that annoys me because he thinks with his dick and his dick is very ageist. The fact that he freaked out about the Santa he woke up next to not because of STDs or STIs, a loss of a night, or other more reasonable reasons. Instead he freaked out because the guy wasn’t as attractive as he would have liked. This whole chapter struck me as super superficial and shallow. Much of this book read as shallow, but witty.

I did however enjoy the stories about how awful Christmas can be. Makes the experiences for those with damaged families to be seen in the media instead of just the happy ones that TV allows. It also brings up a lot of issues with how the media handles this RELIGIOUS holiday. Santa and Jesus are not really differentiated and so I am surprised that not more children have had the issues telling them apart.

I wanted to love this book, but I wasn’t able to. I did like it though. I am glad I found it for free. The book is well written as always and it was easy to read. It was something that my friends who are into books for writing only would be able to enjoy.

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3.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book to other Christmas haters.

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