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Title: The Burn Book

Author: thatfangirl

Universe: The Facts of Life

Pairing: Jo/Blair

Summary: “The slam book was resting on the table, its leather cover shining beneath the dining-room lights. Jo gave it a push; it slid easily to Blair. Episode tag for 3×20 “Kids Can Be Cruel.””


The plot of “Kids Can Be Cruel” is pretty much the girls learning a lesson in being nicer to each other. It starts with The Burn Book (think Mean Girls, but years before). In this offshoot of the episode someone else writes in the Burn Book that Jo is clearly gay. Blair tries to hide it, but Jo sees it.

Together the girls agree to burn the book so they ride off on Jo’s bike to do it. They end up cuddling, though it is not quite clear how much Blair is into the cuddling. Jo was totally into it, despite her glowing review of Blair not being totally awful.

The author got the characters and the mildly awkward dialogue that the characters shared. This short piece is worth the read.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF.