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“The smell of cinnamon buns and apple pie remind widowed dad Chance Hawkins of the wife he lost five years ago. As does his sad-eyed little girl. So when his aunt hires a new pastry chef— whom she finds online—for their family-owned Texas café, the cowboy cook grumbles. What’s more, fancy baker Phoebe Yates is boarding in their home. But soon enough, kind Phoebe is reminding Chance how nice it is to share a sweet roll with his daughter before school. And maybe opening his heart to becoming a groom again!”

This was one of the books I thought that would hit me right in the feels. I was worried it was going to be overly religious and too over the top like a few of the other Christian romance novels I have read recently. However this one was able to have less emotion and God.

The main man, Chance, was married and his wife died in a tragic car accident. However, his wife’s name is mentioned so little that I can’t remember it now. I know so little about her that it seems like she never really existed.

Phoebe is supposedly a really famous pastry chef and Chance is the best cook in his town. Yet, the author talks about a “spatula” when the name for that tool is actually a “turner” (while that is a ridiculous name it is a distinction many chef’s make like Paula Dean). If the characters are supposed to be great chef’s I would expect them to know the name of the kitchen tools, especially Phoebe as she was classically trained.

The romance itself was super rushed. The entire relationship takes place in six weeks. If Chance was as damaged by his wife’s death as we are lead to believe than Phoebe in six weeks would not be able to get him to propose. Prayer is seen as a magical cure all when it comes to mental illness, but that is not realistic. It takes more than just praying to have a fundamental change. I am glad that a sign of Chance getting better was him getting in touch with his faith again, instead of his faith being the only “healthy” thing about him.

The worst part of the book were the “status updates” that were used to connect the characters to the internet so they could fall into the book series of “email order brides”.



3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

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