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Title: Words

Author: Dartxni

Universe: The Facts of Life

Pairing: Jo/Blair

Summary: “Sticks and stones could break her bones, but words could never hurt her.”

So I am literally in the middle of a marathon of The Facts of Life, so all I want to read is Facts fanfiction. This was perfect. This very much had the characters nailed (Blair being very sure that she could change Jo for the “better” and Jo’s habit of running when things got tough).

The plot was very cute. Jo finds graffiti in the girls room that says she is a “dyke”. I am surprised that this plot line never happened in the show (or in an episode that I have seen) considering there was the episode about Cindy in season 1 where Blair calls her “strange” to imply gay. It would have been awesome if the relationship could be blatantly said since it was clear it was there.

Blair’s reaction to go grab some markers as well to cover up the graffiti is very much her. She is very loyal and protective of her friends. She wouldn’t want to waste her lipstick on covering it up, but I figured Blair would be someone that would have a marker on her.

Totally worth the read!


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF.