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There is no description outside of the title. The book is a guidebook to Chicago written by 205 second through sixth graders. It covers everything from how to get around to where to go.

So I found this on my boyfriend’s bookshelf. There really was no reason for me to read it as I have no intention of going to Chicago or being near Chicago in my life. I do have a fascination for things written by children though. Children tend to be the funniest and more honest writers there are.

This book was set up as a guidebook. There were sections for parks, attractions, restaurants, and transportation. Each place has an address unless it is a student’s home. If I ever do make it to Chicago, I will be taking this book and trying out some of the places the kids suggest. Though it might be hard to try the famous cookies.

Some of my favorite passages include: “famous cookies” (frozen cookie dough popped into the oven, but only if grades are good), a section on trains (being in love with them and wanting to marry them), and a passage about how a neighborhood is good (except for the guns and violence, because there are dogs everywhere). This book is pretty much a laughing riot.

If you like Cake Wrecks, F This Test, and Dog Shaming this is a book that you will enjoy as well.


5 out of 5 stars. Everyone has to read this book.

You can buy this book here.