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“Audrina wanted to be as good as her sister. Her sister was so special, so perfect — and dead. Now she will come face to face with the dangerous, terrifying secret that everyone knows. Everyone except… Sweet Audrina.”

So this book was very convoluted and weird. For some reason I fell in love. It hit home like one of those books that Oprah decides everyone should read. This book was super intense. It starts out with Audrina as a child. Her age isn’t well known since she has issue with time. She is told she is seven at one point and she holds onto that really hard. The main plot device that drives the suspense is that Audrina is an unreliable narrator. She has no grasp on time and her family furthers her issues.

Throughout the book I knew what the big plot reveal would be, I kept telling the boyfriend about it. He got sick of hearing about my theories. I was not wrong in the slightest. The best part was when the plot twist was revealed it still felt fresh because the author added in a second layer of twist that I did not expect! The plot twist wasn’t at the end so all the implications of it still had time to be fleshed out.

It is really hard to express my feelings without a huge spoiler, so I will spoil the obvious twist. The obvious twist is that Audrina is Audrina! I know that sounds super obvious, but the main character Audrina is told that she had an older sister that died after being gang raped in the woods. Turns out that “first Audrina” is the narrator. Her father worked really hard to get Audrina to block the memories. That is why she has issues with time. It all makes sense. It just gets so much sweeter when the second layer of plot twist happens.

I’m not normally a fan of suspense, but this was really fascinating. It focused a lot on family interactions and really abusive relationships, which kept me going. If you are new to suspense or you are more of a fan of “chick lit” give this book a shot.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

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