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“It’s prom night. Shy hippie chick Cady is hoping for a dance — and a hook-up —- with her long-time crush, the sexy musician, Lucas. Instead, she witnesses Lucas commit an act of unforgivable cruelty toward his date, the gorgeous and popular Hope. But nothing is what it seems. As the story unfolds in backward time — retracing one senior year — we see a slowly developing photo of the truth. Roles are reversed, secret motives are exposed, and hidden desires come to the surface. This twisty tale of a love triangle gone wrong will keep readers guessing until the last revelation.”

So the tagline of this book is “Sometimes love only makes sense backwards”. The first chapter has a girl being assaulted. Then the book goes backwards following him stalking her and being creepy. Yes, this is love. This story would not magically make sense more backwards as it did forward. The story would just be slightly less suspenseful and be deeper if it was forward.

The story follows two girls who are connected by a boy. Cady is a musician and not super popular, Hope is super popular, Lucas is a new guy in town. There is really nothing too special about any of these characters. Cady changes to get a boy to like her, Hope sleeps around to feel validated, and Lucas thinks that he can do what he wants.

The plot romanticizes abuse and makes it look like a normal part of a relationship. I can’t think of anything else to really say about this book. It took a gimmick and didn’t use it to its full potential. It was ok, but the abuse just ruined it.


1 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this book.

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