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“In his twenty-nine years, rock idol Manson has experienced more than most people have (or would want to) in a lifetime. Now, in his shocking and candid memoir, he takes readers from backstage to gaol cells, from recording studios to emergency rooms, from the pit of despair to the top of the charts, and recounts his metamorphosis from a frightened Christian schoolboy into the most feared and revered music superstar in the country. Illustrated with dozens of exclusive photographs and featuring a behind-the-scenes account of his headline-grabbing Dead to the World tour.”

So I was a huge fan of Marilyn Manson in high school. I knew all the songs, watched the videos obsessively, but never really looked into who Marilyn Manson really was. I don’t care about celebrities for the most part. I found this on the side of the road so I thought I would give it a chance.

So the first half was pretty much what I expected and then it went down hill. Manson openly admits to raping multiple women in various ways with different people. There was a part where the band literally took a deaf woman and gang banged her while yelling insults (that she couldn’t hear that were very sexist) and covering her with lunch meat. He then further degrades her by mentioning how she must have been a slut because she let them pee on her (while I could easily debate that the woman could have felt she had no choice since she was naked and surrounded by a bunch of men).

The last chapter of the book was useless. It had a bad design for the layout for alternating between reviews, press releases, affidavits, and interviews. The problem is, Manson is a horribly boring man when he is doing interviews. He does shock for shock sake on stage (though he claims it is a metaphor and sometimes, very rarely it is), but in interviews since he can’t prepare as much ahead of time he comes off as bored and slow.

Add in his blatantly admitting he wasn’t a satanist, that he just coincidentally fell into it by trying to make a song, and you find me losing all respect for him. All of Manson’s claims to fame he admits are either accidents or shock value, but then he goes on and on about how he isn’t a drug addict (but then talks about how much drugs he uses). So instead of a super intelligent, goth icon that I can look up to I see a depraved, misogynistic, drug addict with a bad complexion that doesn’t know to stop (have you seen his new music video?).

I will still listen to his music, but I will not support him. There are bands where I think they are awful people so I refuse to buy their music or see them perform. I do nothing to support their career. Then there are bands that even if I don’t like them they are good people so I support them. Marilyn Manson, with or without the Spooky Kids, is not a group of good people. I am vastly unimpressed.


1 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this book, especially if you think women are more then sex objects or you respect Satanism as a real religion.

You can buy this book here.