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“Behind every mask is a real man.

Two men joined by blood but separated by murder: Thomas, the rebellious doctor and heir to the vast Wayne empire, and Bruce, his son, whose life is forever altered when he witnesses the brutal death of his parents.

The slaying of Thomas and Martha Wayne is the torturous point on which Bruce turns to become the mysterious crusader Batman—the genesis of a simple mugging gone horribly wrong. The Dark Knight’s file on the case has long been closed, the foundations of Bruce Wayne’s secret life secure. But these foundations are shaken when an unexpected guest invades the grounds of Wayne Manor, raising questions about the event that ended the lives of the mother he loved and the father he worshipped, and sparked his unquenchable drive to protect and avenge.

To discover his true family history, Batman must face down old foes, confront his only confidant, invade the evil heart of Arkham Asylum, and shoulder the terrible new burden of a dark legacy.”

I am a huge Batman fan. I fell in love with this book on page one. It was so descriptive and perfect. By the middle I had broken up with it. By the end I was saying “Wayne, who?”.

Hickamn has issues with time of the day. The sun doesn’t set after 9 pm during the winter for example. With the time frames given some of the basic details wouldn’t have been possible which was only mildly annoying. I could easily ignore that or chock it up tp be a typo.

One of my big issues is when an author spells their character name wrong. Lewis was the name that the author used. That exact spelling: Lewis or Lew for short. However there was an entire page where it was spelled Louis and Lou in the middle of the book and then the author switched back and never acknowledged a new character and was clearly talking about Lewis. This was a licensed book with the comic book company, yet it looks like they didn’t have an editor involved.

I liked the story. It was a creation story for almost all of the crazy villains and also had a reason behind why the Waynes were shot that night. It tied everything up very nicely. However, I don’t like how Albert was portrayed. It was off from what is cannonly acceptable for the man.

I wanted to like this book. I wanted to brag about it to everyone that would listen, but then it went down hill. It was a gift from a friend and I feel bad wanting to give it away now that I have read it.


3 out of 5 stars. I might recommend this book.

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