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“You can survive a nuclear blast.

All you need is some luck, and maybe a customized business suit coated in cockroaches. It could work. At least that’s what Dean believed before the bombs actually dropped and his suit led him to murder a Very Important Man at the foot of a blackened obelisk.

Now D.C. is looking awfully empty. Life on Earth is pretty much coming to an end. All of which leaves Dean with a single question–“What now?” The answer to that question will take him on an uncanny voyage across a newly nuclear America where he must confront the problems associated with loneliness, radiation, love, and an ever-evolving cockroach suit with a mind of its own.

Dean’s bizarre adventures mark the last chronicle of human existence, the final entries in our species’ own…”

This book raises the question of what can survive an all out nuclear holocaust. The answer is clearly cockroaches and tTwinkies The other answer is ants, which you don’t find out until closer to the end of the book.

The main character plans his apocalypse surviving outfit out in advance. He tries out a few different models and settles on a suit from J. C. Penney with cockroaches sewn on in a way where they don’t eat each other. After everything happens, the way he had made the suit actually makes it so he can sleep and still travel because the cockroaches walk for him.

He runs into the president who survived with a Twinkie suit. The cockroaches eat him. That is seriously the best part. The man watches in horror as the president is eaten inches from his flesh. So graphic and cool.

This is the longer version of a story found in Angel Dust Apocalypse.  Both books are fantastic. They are both quick reads and should be read in one sitting so you are forced to live through it all at once which makes it even more powerful.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

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