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“In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other—six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. And now, a dutiful twin must choose between two lives…

Fiercely loyal to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Phury has sacrificed himself for the good of the race, becoming the male responsible for keeping the Brotherhood’s bloodlines alive. As Primale of the Chosen, he is to father the sons and daughters who will ensure that the traditions of the race survive and that there are warriors to fight those who want all vampires extinguished.

As his first mate, the Chosen Cormia wants to win not only his body but his heart for herself- she sees the emotionally scarred male behind all his noble responsibility. But while the war with the Lessening Society grows more grim, and tragedy looms over the Brotherhood’s mansion, Phury must decide between duty and love.”

Ok, so Phury is now the chosen of the race. This means that he is the main stud at the breeding coral that the goddess that rules them has created to keep the warriors strong. So it is his job to mate with all the chosen, which are like the nuns/monks of the vampire world. They are kept separate from the rest of the vampires and it is their job to serve the goddess and the chosen. So it is like having one bull for all your cows just so you can be sure that all your calves are amazing. Incestual breeding is clearly not a concern for them.

So this is one of the first books in the series where the woman is really, clearly developed outside of her job and her love of a vampire. Cormia is a chosen who is experiencing the human world for the first time. She was never used as food like some of the other chosen (what the fuck is up with some females only having the purpose of being a meal for the male warriors?). So she is a virgin in all senses of the world. Phury doesn’t want to force her so she gets her own room and is pretty much left alone at all times. He even goes as far as to trying to renounce her and say it is not her fault. Though if he renounces her she gets blamed for it and no longer has a purpose. So she decides to be a sequestered scribe, she will have no contact with anyone anymore. So of course Phury breaks in and sees her.

So this is one of the least abusive of the plot line romances. Phury actually respects her desire and does not want to force her to do anything with him, but he also doesn’t pay much attention to her. So it is a toss up. There is some respect, but not respect on an equal level.



2 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this book.

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