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“Scotty MacKay is a left handed fastballer for the Washington Senators-but at 36, his fastball isn’t so hot anymore, his team is in last place, and his girlfriend’s playing a pitcher of Kool Aid on a TV commercial. Convinced by catcher Buddy Budlong to develop a curveball, Scotty is poised for a comeback-until Buddy’s knocked out of commission and leaves Scotty teamed with Jason Cornell, whom he detests. Jason is 28. He has perfect teeth and poses for underwear ads. His eyes are blue. Scotty’s favorite color is blue. And by August, Scotty has a major problem on his hands.”

I grabbed this book out of a box full of free books at a queer counseling place in Berkeley (Thank you, Pacific Center). I didn’t expect it to be good. I expected it to be this awful book that I read for fun. Instead it was a book that went much deeper than that, then had such a horrible ending that I want to hate all of it.

Spoiler alert: The therapist that the main character goes to flat out says that him loving a man is a way to avoid committing to his girlfriend. Because, clearly, bisexuality does not exist and can’t exist for a sports player. I did however like that the catcher was gay. That was a good twist. End of spoiler.

So the book had a lot of sports talk which made it a bit boring to me. What I really liked was the way that the main character was clearly not wanting to tell the story for the same reason I wouldn’t have read it. It wasn’t anything majorly special, but the fact that he opened the book that way made him endearing to me.

Overall, this book wasn’t anything special and it was pretty damn annoying by the end. However, the beginning and the middle were very nice and I enjoyed reading it for no real reason. I would probably read more about the pitcher’s girlfriend than I would about him.

So, don’t buy this book full price. Wait until you get a good sale or can get an ebook copy. It is ok, but not really worth the cover price for me.


3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book, but not at full price.

You can buy this book here.