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Title: Broken Open

Author: fallendown

Universe: Queer as Folk (US)

Pairing: Brian/Emmett

Summary: “Brian and Emmett from 3:14.”


So I love Emmett, but hate Emmett. I like that he has this power behind his views because he has owned himself and his past. I also love Brian, but hate Brian. I love how broken he is, but he is the reason I can’t go into The City. So combining Emmett’s power and Brian’s broken ego you get a lot of angst.

This fic is pretty much a retelling of a scene that I didn’t really care for and the author didn’t add too much more to it to really make it worth reading. I was hoping there would be more to it. Instead it was like reading Adam & Steve after seeing the movie (if you haven’t done that, please spare yourself and don’t).

So good pairing idea and good scene to use to really launch them into being together, but bad execution. I am all for Brain comforting Emmett sexually after Ted starts doing drugs, but this fell short.


1 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this FF.