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Title: The Upside of Miscommunication 

Author:  EmeryFelton

Universe: Queer as Folk (US)

Pairing: Brain/Justin

Summary: “Brian has had a bad day at work and plans on unwinding by going to Woody’s and Babylon with his friends and his Sunshine, only to have his plans dashed when he comes home to find quite the surprise.”


So this FF was pretty funny. I was really hoping it was about Brain coming home to Justin being topped by Emmett (who cannonly is a pretty dominant top at times). However, it wasn’t quite what it seems when Brain comes home to grunts from the bathroom.

I am a fan of the Emmett/Justin pairing, but it is super hard to find FF about it. I was thinking this was going to be it. However, I was sadly disappointed that the plot was about Brian getting jealous and then doing Brian. Jealousy isn’t healthy and shouldn’t be treated as an aphrodisiac.

It is hard to review this FF and not give away the twist more than I already have, so I will leave it here.


3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF.