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Title: Lesbian Solution to Sex-Starved Women in Prison

Author:  Mr.Marr

Universe: Bad Girls

Pairing: Julie S./Julie J.

Summary: “The Julies find out how they can receive their sexual feelings in prison. The solution was right under their noses. But does it work out?”


So this was probably the worst FF I have read since The Magic School Bus ones I read when I first started reviewing FF. This was pointless, completely out of character for the characters, and just so badly written.

So, my biggest issue is Yvonne has said repeatedly that she is straight and went even as far as hiring “escorts” to pose as her solicitor so she could have sex while in prison. She is VERY unlikely to come onto Barbara, especially since if she was going to go after anyone it would be someone she could take care of like Shaz.

The Julies are also very unlikely to have gotten together. There is very little time that they are in prison that Yvonne is too that Julie S. does not have a man on the outside. There is a lot of love there, but I don’t see the sexual relationship starting as a way to combat sexual frustration. Their relationship would have started as a slow burn where they get out of prison together and raise David as their own son.


1 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this FF.