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“When Darren Bennett meets Eric Lederer, there’s an instant connection. They share a love of drawing, the bottom rung on the cruel high school social ladder and a pathological fear of girls.  Then Eric reveals a secret: He doesn’t sleep. Ever.  When word leaks out about Eric’s condition, he and Darren find themselves on the run. Is it the government trying to tap into Eric’s mind, or something far darker?  It could be that not sleeping is only part of what Eric’s capable of, and the truth is both better and worse than they could ever imagine.”

This book was also a random grab at the library that I knew nothing about. It was a really weird book. Nothing happened at first, but then BAM supernatural sci-fi like powers out of nowhere. Those are the types of supernatural things I like. I like when they fit into the world naturally or they are so rare that no one knows about them.

This is about a boy who doesn’t sleep and never had to (wow, the title makes sense), but over time all of the thoughts would build up and he would get crazy headaches which would force some of his ideas to become alive.

This book was a weird mixture of coming of age. It starts with a boy who is afraid of anyone seeing him draw because of this really in depth thinking of what makes an artists and what makes someone who draws. Then the school’s weird kid notices and they form an alliance around a sci-fi movie they want to make. The book covers their adventures of dating (the same girl), being chased by the government, and their plotting of a movie.

The book is a lot like Bad Monkeys with its pacing and with the general plot. I preferred Bad Monkeys, but this one was ok.


3 out of 5 stars. I wouldn’t recommend this book, but I don’t discourage you from reading it either.

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