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Title: Brock

Author: realyreallycool

Universe: Pokemon

Pairing: Brock/Misty

Summary: “Brock is depressed so Misty gets to the bottom of it”


So I wanted to like this one. I want Brock to find that girl that will love him. This just felt rushed and lacking. Out of nowhere Misty admits that she likes Brock. Brock challenges her and she said she never liked Ash. There was a triangle relationship possibility or angst, but nope.

It was so short that there was no development or substance. This could have been a good story, but instead it was too short. The timing was off. While Brock and Misty had a conversation that could have only lasted at most two to three minutes, Ash beat an entire gym.

I wanted Brock/Misty to happen, but this was not the way. At least Brock was consistent and very Brock.


1 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this FF.