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“This is the story of a woman whose life is shaped by tragedy. Quinn is thirty something, a survivor of a fractured and eccentric childhood marred by the death of her younger sister. Twenty years later, she is in the midst of a decade-long slide down the other side of punk-rock stardom after her successful music career was abruptly halted. Sassy and smart, tough but broken, Quinn is at loose ends. She develops unique strategies for coping, but no matter what twisted tactic Quinn conjures to keep her psyche intact, she cannot keep the past away. The Listeners is about what lurks in the shadows and what happens when what’s lurking insists on being seen.”

So I grabbed this book just because the author that had a last name that started with Z and there was an octopus on the cover. High criteria was made clearly.

So I knew nothing of this book or anything about the author. I do however know that this was a good choice, maybe, I am still lost. I read this book where nothing happened, but everything happened. It was a complete mind fuck type story. Most of the plot happened in the past and was heavily alluded to. The current plot was just the ramifications of what happened when the main character experienced.

Just the whole situation of how her little sister died messed with me. It is still messing with me. When I first read it I had to put the book down and I couldn’t read for a few days. It was intense, but I also felt very distant and removed from the situation since it happened in the past and it didn’t quite register as having happened. It was just beautifully written and I really want to read more by this author now. The mind games that were played were excellent.

I would love to read more about what happened when she was in the band, but I also feel like the story was fully told. While I want more details, the story feels complete. A lot of the book had me feeling two conflicting things. I just can’t get over that. This book was just amazing. I really want to read it again and again.


4.5 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend this book.

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