Title: For the Cookies

Author: Kat Lee formerly Pirate Turner

Universe: The Golden Girls

Pairing: Everyone/Cheesecake

Summary: “Blanche and the girls find delight and ecstasy at the super market”


This was barely a slash story, so I am going to ignore the whole one line of Blanch feeding Dorothy a cookie.

My favorite pairing in all history of The Golden Girls is everyone/cheesecake. This story takes that pairing one step further with cheesecake cookies. That was pretty much the only thing in this story I liked.

This story fell flat with me. I wanted to like it because it was silly, but it just didn’t live up to The Golden Girls that I know and love. There was a laugh in there that I did appreciate, but Blanche really sleeping with all the Keebler Elves? That’s believable.

Rose catching onto the sex joke first? Even more believable that elf sex.


2 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF, it isn’t bad, but it isn’t amazing.