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Title: Unstoppable, Leslie Knope

Author: FifthAvenueAngels

Universe: Parks and Rec

Pairing: Leslie/Ann

Summary: “Leslie needs advice from her best friend on whether or not she should ask someone out, but what if that someone is… Her best friend? One-shot sort of thing. Femslash. Leslie/Ann fluffy stuff.”


“You wondrous tropical fish”: The best compliment to give a girl you are in love with. Leslie Knope is a wonderful creature.

This story did an amazing job of making a pairing that I thought was one sided happen. I totally see Leslie in love with everyone for the most part. She has that energy. I never expected Ann to have feelings back, so this FF is the sole reason that I ship them.

This fic had the characters written so well that they felt like I was watching an episode. I can just imagine this happening for the most part. I doubt Leslie would have settled for a drunken kiss. Instead I think she would have made a huge protest to get gay marriage legalized and gone crazy in the bar.

I don’t imagine Ann to be a highly sexual person, though drunk Ann maybe. Drunk Leslie, yes. I would love to read more of this pairing from this author who can so clearly capture the characters I love so much.


5 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend this FF.