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Title: Baby Blues

Author:  filmfanatic-29

Universe: Parks and Rec

Pairing: Andy/April

Summary: Champion loved his two humans but he wasn’t sure about their new addition. A short drabble about the Dwyer family. Oneshot.

So I ship Andy/April so hard that it hurts. I love how stupid Andy is and how mean April is. Like they are the perfect couple to prank everyone. I really fell in love with the couple during the episode that they adopted Champion, which is why I read this fic.

This fic takes place after April and Andy have their first baby. Champion, the three legged dog they adopted, has to adjust to now being the center of their life. I can’t see April being a loving Mom. I can see her being a very hidden love type mom so it was interesting to see her as a loving one. Andy does strike me as being a loving dad as shown. So I am not so sure how I feel about April’s character.

This was significantly less funny that I was expecting. I was expecting at least some jokes to happen between the humans that Champion is watching. I also didn’t expect this pairing to have children. So overall I am feeling mixed about it. It is well written, but I don’t really like the content too much.



3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF.