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Swing is the story of the treacherous and steamy collisions in the lives of these four couples. Roped with sultry scandals and lustful lies, this novella will propel readers to their highest highs and drop them to their lowest lows.”

So this book looked interesting enough. It was supposed to be a dramatic erotica about swingers, what could possibly go wrong? Well huge amounts of polyphobia and mono-eltism is what.

There were eight main characters (all straight couples of course) that interacted with each other throughout the plot. Two owned the club, two were VIPs of the club, two were frequent visitors, and two were newbies. There was a mix of wealth and experience, but there was a huge issue: all of the characters hid their sexuality. All of the characters found it shameful and went out of their way to hide it.

The characters were either cheating on their spouse, abusing their spouse, abusing others through non-consentual video recordings, or killing each other. There was not a couple that was healthy. The couples that were “happily” married didn’t have to cheat on their spouses, but the ones who opened up to swinging just used it as a step to get away from their partner or as another way to control them. The problem is that is not how the swinging community really is. Most couples do not engage in intense physical abuse or even hiring of a hitman. This book was awful. It sacrificed what could have been a really hot book for piss-poor four-ways and over the top drama.

Not all swingers engage in sex as a group which this book says is pretty much the other way. Orgies are the swingers’ real calling is what is being shown, when many swingers are just your average joe who wants to swap wives​. Pretty much avoid this book if you want good sex scenes, kinky sex, consentual sex, non-prostitution, and honesty. This book lacked any form of decent sexuality (decent meaning RACK or SSC approved sexualities).


1.5 out of 5 stars. I do not recommend this book.

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