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Title: A Bother

Author: Disney United

Universe: Lilo & Stitch

Pairing: Jumbaa/Pleakley

Summary: Pleakley bothers Jumbaa whilst he is working and, needless to say, Jumbaa is not amused. Slight hints of slash


So this was cute! I ship this couple so hard. They are the perfect family. Pleakley as the mom and Jumbaa as the dad. When they dressed up as husband and wife I squeed! This story focuses on Pleakley being the caring one in the relationship. I loved it!

I would love to read more from the author, though I want to challenge them to write something that has me rolling from cuteness. Like Jumbaa being caught buying flowers or creating flowers in the lab for Pleakley.

It is super short, it will pick up your day, and it will give you a new side to Disney that is much needed. Stitch needs two dads (or if we even go far enough Pleakley might not be a man. Still need to investigate that one).


4 out of 5 stars for cuteness. I would recommend this FF.