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“In a world of too many men, who will be forced to sacrifice his manhood?

In a country where the government controls everything, is there any way to resist?

If science can transform the body, can it alter the soul?

In a not too distant future, Kip Miller has been selected to compete in The Manhood Games, a contest where young men must fight to keep their masculinity or be feminized.”

So there was a deal where this ebook was free so I got it. I forgot all about it until I was on the way home and I had finished the book I had brought with me. So I started reading ebooks on my phone. This one made me laugh at how bad it was. This was Fifty Shades of Grey level bad. This is clearly a ripoff of The Hunger Games, but The Hunger Games was better (and I can’t stand The Hunger Games).

The basic plot is a overly straight man, never had a gay fantasy in his life, volunteered himself for the manhood games to save his younger brother who was gay (yes this is plot important). The loser of the game get turned into a women and are forced to have sex with the contestants of next years games. There is a drag queen prostitute who gets the main character prepared for the games and makes the virgin have sex.

This book is not worth ANY MONEY AT ALL. Trust me. There are so many issues like the author doesn’t understand that pregnancy does not happen in the belly, the author gets the main character’s name wrong by the end of the book (mind you it only took me twenty or twenty-five minutes to read it), has issues with words (feint instead of faint), bad grammar, and a lack of understanding of decimals (when the scores are announced the author states that the scores are two hundredths different, but they are only two tenths different).

I am so glad it was free, but I wish it never was. If it weren’t free I wouldn’t have wasted my time on it. If you like terribly written knock-offs that don’t even try to disguise what series they are ripping off, then this is a good book for you. If you like the fanfictions to support the work or even compliment it, then stay far away. There are way too many parts to buy to read the whole story so if you do choose to buy it, be prepared to spend a good deal of money.


0.5 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this ebook.

You can buy this ebook here.